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April 1786

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passing of Vagrants, the mode of conveyance either on Horse-back or in a
Cart being by them specified in the original Pass; Whereas the same should
have been inserted in and confined to the Certificate as a direction to the Con-
stables within the particular Jurisdiction of the Magistrate giving such Certi-
ficate, leaving the mode of conveyance through the other Districts in the rout
of the Vagrants to the discretion of the Magistrates in such respective Dis-
tricts; and this Committee apprehend that in such instances where the mode
of conveyance has been prescribed by the original Passes, Gentlemen in several
Counties through which the Vagrants have been afterwards passed have not ex-
ercised the discretion which they had a right to do, by directing those Vagrants
who were capable of travelling on foot to be conveyed in that manner, instead
of continuing the mode of conveyance preseribed by the original Pass; and a
very great additional expence has been incurred in the Counties of Chester
and Lancaster , by reason of adhering to such original mode of conveyance.

THAT upon referring to the original Passes granted for the Conveyance of
such Irish Vagrants as have been shipped from Parsk-gate , it appears that many
of them, who by the original Passes were ordered to be conveyed to Liverpool
and shipped there, have been improperly carried to Chester and shipped at Park-
gate , at the expence of the County of Chester ; and on enumerating such Va-
grants it appears that 381 have been to missent in six months, and that the
additional charges to the Inhabitants of the County of Chester by reason thereof
who were by the original Passes directed to be shipped at Park-gate have been
improperly sent by Warrington to Liverpool , and shipped there at the expence
of the Inhabitants of the County of Lancaster ; but it appears that in both
instances the Vagrants so missent have been turned out of the direct line of con-
veyance by the improper conduct of the Constables employed to convey them,
who having frequently at the same time Vagrants to convey both to Chester
and Warrington have, to save themselves the trouble of two journies, de-
livered all such Vagrants at the same place contrary to the directions of the
original Parties, and to the orders given to such Constables by the Magistrates
of the County of Chester upon the first arrival of the Vagrants within that

THAT many Irish Vagrants who ought to be sent to Ireland by the Port of
Bristol and sent to Park-gate and Liverpool out of Devonshire, and from the
Cities of London and Westminster , and from other parts of the Kingdom
nearer to the Port of bristol than to Chester or Liverpool , contrary to the
Provisions of the Stat. of the 17th Geo. II. And it appears that several of the
Magistrates who grant Passes generally omit to insert in the Examinations of Va-
grants on the original Passes being granted the name of the place or places in
Ireland to which such Vagrants ought to be sent.

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