Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

May 1784

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A BILL of the Dues for the BURIAL.
of Mr James Keele< no role >
in the Lower Ground.
of St. James's, Clerkenwell .

. s. d.

Ground 0.0.0

Bell 0.0.0

Minister and Register 0.1.4

Clerk 0.1.0

Sexton 0.1.0

Grave-Digger 0.1.0

Bearers 0.1.4

Candles 0.0.0

The Stamp Duty 0.0.3


Received the Contents P R Rokes

N. B. By Order of VESTRY, if the Corpse be
not brought to the Ground within Half an
Hour after the Time appointed, Two Shillings
more shall be paid for Attendance, and so on
for every Half-hour's Delay.

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