Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

December 1783

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Middlesex December Session 1783

Allen William< no role > Leggetbur
Athey Ann Woodbard< no role > GL

Buckey William< no role > Leggettbur
Bowlas Joseph< no role > SolmoreGL
Bull Elizabeth< no role > ig PottsLar
Biggs Charles Bryan< no role > GL
Brown Joseph< no role > ig Sus [..] GL
Beard Richard Shutt< no role > GL
Bishop Joseph< no role > [..] sonF
Brown William Andrews< no role > bur
Birmingham David< no role > Hayes F
Bidwell Rebecca< no role > Saunders F
Bowman John Wellings< no role > Esqr
Bowen James< no role > Bowen KR
Barrett Joseph Hall< no role > F
Barker Joseph Wheeler< no role > F
Bennett Thomas Carr< no role > GL

Cockran Jane< no role > Williams GL
Cox William< no role > Loggettbur
Conway John< no role > BrassettGL
Crouch William Beckett< no role > HL
Coolen Ann Hamilton< no role > GL
Crosby Wm< no role > Humphres GL
Cross Robert< no role > [..] sdon HR
Carter Hannah< no role > PettyGL
Chambers Daniel< no role > Pattisonbur
Cross Robert Brown< no role > F
Collins Thomas< no role > Seven bur
Thomas Walker< no role > GL
Charrick James Hilliard< no role > f
Ca [..] Robert Baldy< no role > HB
Cunningham Elizth< no role > .WynneF
[..] Elizabeth Bolton< no role > GL
Elizabeth Bolton< no role > F [..]
Cook Niner< no role > ig Collinson Fc [..]
Carty Johns NugentGL
Clarke John Cannon< no role > Mur
[..] BruceF

Dolfos John Matthews< no role > GL
Deflow John< no role > Matthews GL
Dillon William< no role > [..] GL
Davis Ann< no role > ReloyGL
Dixon Thos< no role > Buchanan Lar
Alexander [..] GL
Daley Morses< no role > BarberGL
Davall Margaret< no role > RuleyF
Duff Alexander< no role > DoddGL


Ferguson George< no role > GuestF
Fagan Elizabeth< no role > Saunders F
Field John< no role > Hard [..]
Fendlow John< no role > RootsHR
Fogg James< no role > BaileyGL
Finn Mary< no role > ig AthyF

German Esther< no role > FaithfulGL
Gray John< no role > igPignuttGL

Haynes William< no role > BeckettHR
Holliday George< no role >
Hazleman Alexr< no role > }
Nichols F
Harvey John< no role > PaulF
Hall John< no role > ig MucklordyHR
Hart Henry< no role > ig CunninghamGL
Huffnell Elizabeth< no role > ChurchGL
Huntingford David< no role > ig Brown F
Hall Amelia< no role > BradburyGL
Humphrys Mary< no role > JonesHR
Harrison Elizabeth< no role > [..]
Hill Wm< no role > JassGL
Henshaw Margaret< no role > RileyF
Hall William< no role >
Hawley William< no role > }
Howard Ann< no role > Brayley F
Harrison Samuel< no role > Granger GL
Hughes William< no role > Norman F

Joos Thomas< no role > Brassett F
Johnson James< no role > HayesF
Jones William< no role > This name instance is in set 1357. This set is in the group(s): GarrowsClients . Oldham F

Knight Thomas< no role > HuseyF
King John< no role > KellearGL

Lawler Ann< no role > AndersonHK

Mercer Rush< no role > BondF [..]
Morgan Henry< no role > This name instance is in set 1538. This set is in the group(s): GarrowsClients . GuestF
Moon Mary< no role > HusayF
Maynard William< no role > SwanwickHR
Matthews Samuel< no role > Pattesonbur
Malone Peter< no role > StevensGL
Moody Mary< no role > TeyahamLar
Macauley James< no role > ThompsonHR
Murrell Sarah< no role > BarrettF
Martin Thomas< no role > Simpson [..] F
Mitchell Janet< no role > BoultonF
Moring Margaret< no role > JohnsonF
MrCabe Eleanor< no role > LontonF
Murphy John< no role > This name instance is in set 1358. This set is in the group(s): GarrowsClients . AscretiF

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