Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1781

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To Sir George Booth< no role >

The Humble petition of
Charles Ostoby< no role > A Sipner
In. New Prison Clerkenwell


That your petitioner was tried at Hicks Hall before John Morgan< no role > [..]
in for Sessions on Suspicion of having committed a Capt, and for the same
received Sentence, of one year imprisonment, one publickly whipped and ones
stand in the pillory which has thrown Your petitioner into the greatest in [..]
mine, as he enjoys but a very indifferent state of health, with that is very being think at
time Soligen him to keep to his had for as Week together your petitioner as apprehentice
his indagoing his Sentence of Standing in the pillary will prove total to him, at he is
of a [..] weeks and sickly constitution, and in his Nine and forty Years of Age, also
was kept in the Workhouse for this six Years last past being not able to work for
his bread, an account of his Lame ness and Sickness.

Your petitioner had many respectable witnessess that appeared in is behalf
to Certify that Your petitioner also shore a good Character and his names
in [..] tion before this informants affair happend.

Your petitioner therefore most humbly prays that you will be pleased to
take your petitions hard case into consideration and with your great Humanity
intenced in his behalf with John Mainwaring< no role > Esqr . so far as to get that punishment
of standing in the field before given him, on his ill state of health.

And Your petitioner as in duty
bound will for ever pray

Charles Oxtoby< no role >

New prison
June 27th.. 1781}

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