Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

July 1781

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To the Worshipful William Mainwaring< no role >
Esquire Chairman and the Rest of his Majestys Justices
of the peace for the County of Middlesex in their General
Quarter Session of the peace at Hicks Hall assembled

The Humble Petition of Fielding Empson< no role >
now a prisoner in New Prison Clerkenwell


That Your Petitioner was on Monday last
Convicted before your Worships for making an Assault upon one
Richard Cook< no role > and was for such Offence Sentenced to be imprisoned
for the space of One Month in New Prison .

That your petitioner was in March last Committed
to the said prison upon an Indictment for Wilfully Shooting at
the said Richard Cook< no role > and was Confined therein for one Week
And in April Session following your petitioner was Tried to
the Old Bailey and honourably acquitted

That your petitioner hath been greatly Harrassed and
Perplexed by the said Richard Cook< no role > for sometime last past and
Your petitioner hath been at upwards of Fifty pounds Expence in
defending himself against the above prosecutions

That your petitioner hath a Wife and Four Children
Three of whom are now Ill with the Small pox and your petitioners
Wife is in a very bad state of health and greatly Aggrieved by your
petitioners being in Confinement

That your petitioner hath been in the service of
Government for Twenty five Years and upwards as Master Gunner
of the Tower and humbly hopes he has always Conducted himself
with propriety And was before his Appointment and since
Many Years Groom of the Chamber and a Close Attendant on
the person of the late Lord Ligonier and was in Four
Engagements with his Lordship And attended his Lordship
to the time of his Death

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