Middlesex Sessions:
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July 1781

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To John Manwaring< no role > Esqr & the Worshipfull
Bench of Justices

The Humble Petition of Thos. Steel< no role > who was
tried for an Assault in Company with Wm. Shubroshe< no role >
and Thos.. Barrow< no role > upon John Laver< no role > an Officer to the
Sheriff of the County of Middlesex before this Court
on saturday last the 14th. of this Instant July


That as knowing himself quite Innocent of the Charge
alledged against him and judging of No other than being cleared
which prevented him getting his friends about him to appear in
his Behalf and being Sworn to so falsely as he possitively &
assuredly Assents they did by which means Petitioner as not
Agreeing to Pay a Certain sum of Money requested, and which
as being No other than a Working Man it was out of his
Power so to Do, he was sentenced by this Court for Three Months
Confinement in New Prison Clerkenwell which Sentence
he thinks is hard

Therefore most humbly Solicits Your
Worship and the Honorable Bench in General to take the
same into a favourable Consideration and mitigate his sentence
to a shorter time having already been in Prison Six Weeks
to the great Detriment and Injury of himself and Family
and as Petitioner never throughout the whole Passage of his
Life ever behaved base or ill to No One breathing, but has always
been a hard Working, Industrious, & Honest Man, as Can be
certified by Numbers of People of Repute and Credit, who has
known him Mary Years, someof whom have subscribed
there names hereto as such most humbly Implores that
this Court will adhear & listen to this Application and shorten
the time of his sentence in Prison according as they of their
Great Wisdom shall seem Meet which is so happy as to be
granted Petitioner will as in Duty bound Ever pray and retain
a great full Acknowledgement for such their Mercey & Clemency
shewen to this his Humble Petition

New Prison July 16th. 1781}

Thos. Steel< no role >

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