Middlesex Sessions:
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June 1780

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In consequence thereof convened the present Meeting, and his Grace
desiring the said Letter might be read the same was read accordingly
as follows vizt.

"St. James's June 14th. 1780

My Lord

"Though the Spirit of Riot and Sedition which shewed
"itself in so outrageous a manner seems to have been effectually
"checked by the vigorous Exertions that have been made to suppress it
"yet it may possibly break out again, and as it is of the greatest importance
"that there should be no tumultuous assemblies on Monday next,
"the day upon which both Houses of Parliament meet again, I am to
"signify to your Grace His Majestys Pleasure that in order more
"effectually to preserve the publick peace you do forthwith appoint a
"Meeting of the Civil Magistrates of the City and Liberty of Westminster
"and of the County of Middlesex to consult on the properest means to
"prevent any future disturbance and to secure free access to parliament
"by guarding every Avenue and suffering no Concourse of people to
"assemble on any pretence whatever

"I am with great Truth and Respect
"My Lord
"Your Graces
"Most Obedient
"humble Servant

"His Grace the Duke of Northumberland
Resolved unanimously that His Majesty's Justices of the peace now
present will on Monday next use their utmost endeavours to prevent
any disturbance and to secure free access to Parliament by guarding
every avenue and suffering no concourse of people to assemble on any
pretence whatever

Resolved it is the Opinion of this Meeting that the
Most effectual means to prevent any disturbance and to secure free
access to parliament will be for his Majestys Justices of the peace for the
said County City and Liberty to take the following Stations within the
said County City and Liberty by Ten of the Clock in the Morning
on Monday next with Constables and other peace officers

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