Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

June 1780

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The Number of Constables to be sent to Guild Hall
Westminster in order to be distributed [..] placed in
the Avenues and places loading to the House of
Parliament to be made up a Compleat hundred
which went about 14 before Twelve o Clock

50 more sent to the Guildhall about 12 past Twelve

Mr Ewer Constable of St Georges arrived about Sr pavt
one o Clock andsaidbrought a Letter from Mr Slape & Mr
Clarke which [..] was Read and hesaidadded that there
was aSolved inRoman Catholic School in Princes
Square whichheit was apprehended wod be destroyeddemolished damagedthis
night and that the [..] And threatneda House
to demolish forehouses in that neighbourhood occupied byMr Puller
Mr. Sharrot Mr Dowdell & Mr Barnett
whereupon a number of Constables were ordered to accompanish in to the
above place to recase further instruction pence [..] Cloak
& he begged that the Jno was format him
the officer's with him l that was now attending this Meeting at
Hister Hallwhich Sir end Granted

Mr Triquet arrived about Two O Clock

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