Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

June 1780

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andCity and Libertyforthwithto take the
following stations within the sd. County
City and Liberty by ten of the Clock in
the Morning on Monday next with a
sufficient number ofConstables & other pence

[..] 14
[..] 14
Septr 20

[..] that [..]
[..] When upon the following
taking even appd. and the plate
and time of Meeting fined and
each gentlman here of the named [..]

andertook toactbe present and
to continue to sit on Monday next in thesaid
respective stations set against [..] his

Released that proper Accepts
the forthwith issued to the
respective High Constable of Westmr.
Divisn . Holbr. Divr. Finsbury divr. & the
town divr. to convene there respective

hence offr to acco. theInstructionMagistrate
at this diff. statr. on Monday next

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