Middlesex Sessions:
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April 1769

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The King on the Prosecution of the Justices for
Repairing the Highways leading towards Highgate
Gatehouse & Hampstead

The Governor & Company of the New River
brought from Chadwell and [..] Amwell
to London

[..] 1768

Bill of Indictment was preferred and found agt. the
Company for a Nusance and Misdemeanor for Suffering
their Wooden pipes under the pavement of the West Side of
Goswell Street to go to decay and not repairing the same
by which means the Water did ascend and her upon the said
Street & stagnate and remain there whereby the present
Rt was much damaged and became a great Nusance
and almost impassable

October Sessions

An Accomodation was entered into between the Tust
the Company wherefore the Company did [..] to the

Feby. Sessions

The Company not having complied with the Terms of
Accomodation A Venice was Issued to Compell them to
appear & plead

April Sessions

The Company having not appeared & pleaded a Distringas
was Issued and 40s Issues was Levied by the Sheriff

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