Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

June 1767

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The Information of Elizabeth Bivens< no role > Wife
of Joseph Bivens< no role > of Ashford in the County of
Middlesex Labourer

Who upon her Oath Saith that about five O Clock in Wednesday
Morning the 10th.. Instant She this Informant being in the house
of Thomas Weaver< no role > known by the Name of the Queens head
in Ashford aforesaid and being some what fatigued Sat down to
Sleep soon after which she awoke and got up with an
Intent to whom I and upon her return home She miss'd
a Snuff box from out let Pocket in which Snuff box was
two Quarter pieces commonly called five and three penny
Pieces upon which She return'd back to Mr. Weavers and
acquainted the Company of her loss whereupon Mary Atkins< no role > of
Ashford aforesaid Single Woman immediately turn'd her pocket
inside out and desired to be search'd upon Which Mr. Weaver
accordingly Search'd her and found a Handkerchief conceal'd in her
Bosom wherein was two Quarter pieces called five & three
penny Pieces Which this Informant verily believes to be the
Same pieces she lost with her Snuff box The said Mary Atkins< no role >
upon being tax'd with Stealing the said Pieces said she found them
in the room where this Informant & some Company had the preceeding
Night been dancing

Sworn this 11th. day of
June 1767 before me}

Thomas Wood< no role >

The [mark] Mark of
Elizabeth [mark] Bivens< no role >

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