Middlesex Sessions:
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March 1760

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Westmr, to wit

The Information of Ann Sommers< no role > touching
the Death of a Female Bastard Child born
of the Body of Ann Keppel< no role > This name instance is in set 406. This set is in the group(s): MothersPS . Spinster taken
and acknowledged this 17th. day of March

This Informant saith that she is a Servant to Lord
Egremont in Piccadilly in the Parish of St. George
Hanover Square the Liberty of Westminster that she
heard Ann Keppell ther follow Servant confess before Lady Egremont and
Mrs. a Midwife that she was on or about
the 3d, day of this Instant March delivered of a Child
and that she confess'd to this Informant that the Child
of which she was so delivered was in a Box in Lord
Egremonts Scullery, in which Box this Informant
found a Dead Child, and the said Ann Keppell also
told this Informant that as soon as she was delivered
of the said Child she was Seized with a Fit and that
when she recovered of the said Fit she found the said
Child Motionless, and farther told this Informant that she
had made no Provision for the said Child imagining she
had Six Weeks to go, and that the said Ann Keppell

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