Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1758

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Hicks Hall in
Saint John Street }

The King
Elizabeth< no role > the wife of Charles Fraser< no role > }
Upon an Indictment for Assaulting
Mary Clarke< no role >

Charles Fraser< no role > of Salisbury Street in the Strand in the County of Middlesex
Botonist Husband of the above named Defendant maketh Oath and Saith
that the above named prosecutrix lived about three Days a Servant with this
Deponent and when she came into this Deponents Service she said she had but
then lately come out of Scotland and when she went away from this Deponents
Service She quitted the Same without giving any Notice and went away in
the Night And this Deponent Saith that he hath made the utmost Inquiry he
possibly could on several Days since the last Sessions of the peace held for the
County of Middlesex in Order to get the said prosecutrix served with a Notice to
try the Defendants Traverse on the above mentioned Indictment at this present Sessions of
the peace for the said County of Middlesex pursuant to the Recognizance entered
into for the said Defendant for that purpose bus this Deponent cannot find or
hear of the said prosecutrix Mary Clark< no role > nor the place of her abode or Habitation
And this Deponent also saith that upon being informed that Mr. Lawson an Attorney
who lives in White Chapel had acted in this prosecution as Attorney or Solicitor for
the said prosecutrix this Deponent did apply to the said Mr. Lawson on that Account
and the said Mr. Lawson did thereupon acknowledge to this Deponent that he
was concerned for the said Mary Clark< no role > in this prosecution but at the same Time he
refused to inform this Deponent where the said prosecutrix lived or might be found
nor does this Deponent know where the said prosecutrix lives or may be found or can
be informed thereof unless of the said Mr. Lawson

Charles Fraser< no role >

Sworn at Hicks Hall
the 9th. of Janry. 1758



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