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July 1757

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Ditto the Year of Contract.

1240 Orders 325 19 0

131 Rewards 67 17 6

The Contract 120 0 0

Extra Maintenance 40 0 0

553 16 6

The Difference of the two Years is
in Favour of the Order of Sessions 370.15s
3d. but if the Money be taken off which has
been ordered by some Magistrates, contrary
to the Order of Sessions, which amounts to
149.13s the Decrease of the Expence would
then have been upwards of 500.

Your Committee must also observe,
that if the Recommendatory Order of July
1757, had been attended to by the Magi-
strates in general, as it will appear by the re-
ferring to the general Account it has been
by many of the Justices by proportioning
the Sums to the Distance of Places and Trou-
ble the Apprehender might have, a much
greater saving might have been made upon
that Article.

Your Committee observe that the
Constables of Galss -house Yard Liberty, to
whom the Vagabonds from the East, and
London , and Southwark , are generally de-
livered in their Passage to the North, as their
pecuniary Intrest was greatly affected by the

Contract for passing Vagabonds: The said
Constables have tryed every Effort in their
Power, to defeat the said Contract; and
when they found themselves unable to pre-
vail upon any Magistrate in Town to sign
Orders for Conveying contrary to the Orders
of Sessions; the said Constables have art-
fully prevailed upon a Magistrate at upwards
of Ten Miles distance, to sign such Orders,
to a large Amount, and upon inspecting the
said Orders, it appears that the said Consta-
stables did not deliver such Vagabonds
themselves, but employed one Matthew
< no role > to deliver them, and swear to their
Delivery, but the Money was received by the
said Constables, as appears by their Receipt
upon the Back of their respective Orders,
what Profit has accrued to the said Consta-
bles from this Practice, may be judged by
the [..] Affidavit of Arthur Lander< no role > ,
and upon the Confession of the said Con-
stables, it appears that they have made a Sine
Cure of upwards of 50. per ann. and your
Committee are of Opinion, that notwith-
standing such Orders, do recite a Pass granted
by the Justice therein mentioned, no such
Pass was produced to the said Magistrate, but
that the Vagabonds were conveyed, and the
Passes delivered Prior to the making out such
Orders, and your Committee considering
the large Temptation (the least of the Or-

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