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July 1757

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By Adjournmt. on Thursday the 14 July. 1757

Whereas Mr James Sturgis Adams< no role > hath made & signed
the following Proposal to this Court concerning the conveying of Vagrants Rogues
& Vagabonds [..] out of this County vizt.

The Proposal etc. copy them.

Q. as to Tothill Feilds
Bridewell .

Now upon reading & considering the said Report & Proposals
this Court is of opinion that a considerable Saving of
Expence in passing & conveying of such Vagrants Rogues & Vagabonds
will arise to this County by theMethod of conveyanceconveying of them
mentioned inaccording to the said Proposals and doth therefore
approve of the same, and doth hereby appoint the
said Jas Sturgis Adams< no role > to convey all such Vagrants Rogues
& Vagabonds according to his said Proposal for the
Spece of one year to commence from
and doth agree that upon the sd. Ja Sturgis Adams< no role >
due performance of all the Matters contained in his
said Proposals there shall be paid to him by the
Treasurer of this Countyof this Countyafter the Rate
of Ten pounds a month [..] also anover & besides the Allowance of
Six pence a head for the Subsistance of every such Vagrant Rogue or Vagabond
in their passage to be inserted in the Certificate as in
the said Proposals are mentioned, And it is hereby
recommended by this Court to the Justices of Peace of
this County& also of the City & Liberty of Westmr .
that they do as far as in them [..] eth [..] promote thesaidMethod
ofpassing &conveying of Vagrants Rogues & Vagabonds
According to the said Proposals,And it is further Ordered
see. D.

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