Middlesex Sessions:
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October 1754

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To the Worshipful his Majesties Justices of the peace of the County of Middx in their General
Quarter Session of the peace for the said County Assembled

The Humble petition of James Blackstock< no role >


That by Indenture bearing date the fourteenth Day of James which was in the year of our
Lord 1752 Maynard Wolsoncroft< no role > was bound Apprentice to your petitioner for the term of Seven
Years to learn the Business of a Halr Merhant

That the said Maynard Wolsoncroft during the time he continued with your petitioner, behaved
himself in a very unbecoming and Disrespectful manner in greatly neglecting your petitioners
business and refusing to obey his lawful Commands and hath Divers times absented himself from
Your petitioners Service associating himself with loose idle & disorderly persons about the
Streets And in lead Houses sometimes continuing away from such Service for a Week together
and hath frequently declared that the would not live with your Petitioner

That on the 15th. day of this instant October the said Maynard Wolsoncroft< no role > again ran
away from your Petitioners Service And on the 17th. day of the same Month was Accidentally
met with in the Street by your Petitioners other Apprentice Joseph Seagrey< no role > who telling the
said Maynard Wolsoncroft of his extreme bad behaviour the said Maynard declared that
if your Petitioner Dared to correct him he would set fire to your petitioners House and burn
Down the same & all that was in it Whereupon your petitioner obtained a Warrant from a
Magistrate upon which he was apprehended and sent to Bridewell

That your petitioner from the repeated misbehaviour of the said Maynard is assigned
he shall never be able to reap any advantage from his Service Nor shall be able to teach him
his Trade & is apprehensive that he will do your petitioner some very great mischief in
case he shall by obliged to receive him again

Your petitioner therefore humbly prays your Worships to
take the premisses into Consideration and to Vacate the
said Indenture And to Discharge him from the said
Maynard Wolsoncroft< no role > Or otherwise to grant him
such Relief as to your Worships shall seem

James Blackstock< no role >

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