Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

October 1754

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(No. 16. County to County)

Middx To wit.

To the Constable , Headborough , Tythingman, and other Officer
of the Peace of the Parish of St. Clemt. Danes in
the County of Middlesex
within the said to receive and convey.
And to the Church-Wardens, Chapel-Wardens, or Overseer
of the Poor of the Parish, Place or Precinct of Saffronhill
LIberty in the Parish of St. Andw of in Holbn . in the Same County.
or either of them to receive and obey

WHEREAS Thomas Hasledine
was apprehended in the sd. Parish of St. Clement Danes
as aRegue andVagabond, (videlicet)
Wandering abroad not
having any Habitation or place of Abode
and upon Exmination of above Dawson on behalf of the said Thos Hasledine< no role >
taken before me upon Oath (which
Examination is hereunto annexed) it doth appear that the place
of his last legal Settlement is in theParish
Liberty of Saffron hill in the Parish of St. Andw.
in Holborn in the County of Middlesex

These are therefore require you the said Constable or other Officer
to Convey the said Thomas Hasledine< no role >
to theofthat being the first
in the next Precinct there whichought to pass in the
direct Way
to the said Liberty of Saffronhill to which
her is to be sentand to deliver to the Constable or
other Officer of suchin such next Precinct,
together with this
Pass, and the Duplicate of the Examination of the Said Alexr Dawson< no role >
taking his Receipt for the SameAnd the said
to be thence conveyed on the like Manner to
the saidof
there to be deliver'd to some Church-
Warden, Chapel-Warden, or Overseer of the Poor of the same Liberty
to be there provided for according to Law. And you the said Church-
Warden, Chapel-Warden, or Overseer of the Poor , are hereby required
to receive the said Person and provide for him as aforesaid, Given
under my Hand and Seal this 27th, Day of Septr
in the Year of our Lord 17 54

Fran: Bedwell< no role >

Sold by J. COLES, Stationer, in Fleet-Street .

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