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July 1750

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Image 17 of 2511th June 1750

The Informations of Stephen Macdaniel< no role > This name instance is in set 243003578. of Shear
Lane Officers taken before one of this 11th day of June

Who being upon Oath Says that about nine O Clock last Night
as he was a Coming from St. Pancras he was assaulted in
a Certain Field near Figg Lane End, by three Men two of
which are new present who Calls themselves Thomas
< no role > and Edwd. [..] rics by as he verify beleives Says that the said Thomas
< no role > came up to this Informant and fired a Pistel
at him butofhis missing this Informant the said Duncombe
fired another, upon which this Informant fired once at the sd:
Duncombe but upon this Informants missing him the sd:
Duncombe fired another at this Informant which Shett
him tho the Short Ribs with three Huggs, And this Informt.
Says that soon as the said Duncombe had fired the First
[..] tine her came unto this Informant and demanded his Money
[..] this Informant told him that he might have all
[..] her had and immediately gave them two Shillings and two
[..] at which Time the said Edward Brusby< no role > Cutt this
Informant over the Hand with a Hanger Says that thereupon
the said three persons made their Escapes and upon this
Informants pursuing them over took them in the Hampstead
Riad at which time said Edward Brusby< no role > was getting on
Horseback; behind the said Thos. Duncombe< no role >

[..] before me
[..] 1750 }
F Fieldins

Stephen Mackannel< no role > .

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