Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1734

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Image 109 of 14618th August 1733


At the General Session of the peace of our Sovereign
Lord the King holden for the County of Middx at-
Hicks hall in St. John street in the County aforesaid
by adjon Monday in the week next after the
Feast day of the Epiphany (to witt)Mondaythe-
fourteenth day of January in the Seventh Yeare
of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the-
second King of Great Britain France & Ireland
Defender of the Faith before William Cowper< no role >
John Martin< no role > Thomas Dummer< no role > Alexander-
< no role > Esqrs . & other their Fellows Justices of our
said Lord the King assigned to keep the peace in
the County aforesaid and also to heare and
determine divers felonys trespasses & other evil-
deeds committed in the same County,

Upon motion made unto this Court by Councell for
Mr. Lisson Maidewell< no role > It was alledged that the said
Lisson Maidwell stands retorned by the Constable
ofin this County in histheirList as
a person qualifyed to serve upon Jurys, notwithstanding
he hath neither Freehold nor Coppy hold Lands or
tenements in this County, for which reason It was
alledged that he ought to be discharged from serveing
upon Jurys, It was therefore prayed that this Court
would Order the said Lisson Maidwell to be struck
out of the said List or Retorn of the said Constable,
and that he may be discharged from serveing on-
Jurys in this County, Now forasmuch as it
appeareth to this Court by the Oath of the Sd. Lisson
Maidwell that he hath noe freehold or Coppy hold
lands or tenements within the said,

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