Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

April 1733

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Image 42 of 1376th April 1733

have employed divers able and experienced workmen
who have carefully viewed the said Church as
now in ruins, and made an estimate of the
Charge of rebuilding the same, which upon a
moderate computation amounts to the sum of
three thousand pounds and upwards, And that
the said Tabernacle in which the petitioners now
assemble for Divine Worshipbeingis a very slight
Building and not likely to stand long, it being
only designed when built for a short continuance
and untill the said Church could be rebuilt,
And Therefore the Petitioners by their said petition prayed
that wee the said Justices would grant them a
Certificate of the truth of the premisses to be
represented to his Majesty in order forobtaining
his Grace and favour for
the gaining his Royal
Letters Patent for the [..] collecting the benevolence
and charitable contributions of his loving subjects
to be collectedin the most speedy and beneficial
manner for carrying on so good and pious a work
And Wee the said Justices of the peace doe Hereby accordingly Certify
unto your Lordship That It appeareth unto us upon
examinationhad and affidavitinto the truth of
the premisses and by the Oaths of several credible
persons sworn before us in open Court And by inspecting the parochial rates that great
part of the said Parish Church of Ealing and the

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