Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

April 1733

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Image 31 of 13716th March 1732

To the Worspll. his Majties. Justices of the Peace now
sitting at Hicks hall for the County of Middlx

The Humble Peticon of Joseph
< no role > an Apprentice


That yor. Petr. was in the 16th. day of
March in the year of our Lord 1731 putt an Apprentice to
William Attwood< no role > to serve from the Date thereof unto the
end & Term of seven years during which time yor. Petrs.
Master was to Instruct yor. Petr. in the Art or Trade of a
Suddle tree maker and to find the Petr. in all Necessaries
Excepts Cloaths, in Consideracon of which he reced 5 pounds

That yor. Petr. is advised that the said
Indenture is not a Legal Indenture sufficient to Determine
yor. Petr. the said Term, and that the Petrs. Master doth
suffer yor. Petrs. Mistress , Journeyman & Apprentice to
Horse whip him and abuse hun barber [..] fly without
any Fault

Therefore yor. Petr. humbly prays that yor.
Honours will be pleased to Order his said
Master on a certain Day to attend this
Honble. Court with his Indenture of
Apprenticehood to shew Cause why the Petr.
should not be discharged, and that his said
Master may be obleiged to return such
Money to the Petrs. Parents as to yor. Worspl
shall seem meet wherewith yor. Petrs.
Parents may be Enabled to providel
otherwise for yor. Petr

And yor. Petr. shall ever pray

Joseph Cooper< no role >

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