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August 1721

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Image 6 of 1031st July 1721

Disorders there Accordingly they look one Women drunk & Swear [..]
many Oathes picking upp upon Notorions women & then they alsoe carryed to
Justices at the Castle Tavern in Drury Lane A Watchman in the way to the Justices
some disturbance & was brought in to the Justices who ordered him to take
of one of the lewd Women & carry her upp to the Round house for his pain [..]
he never brought her there nor brought to Justice the next day another lew [..]
Women & A man that was charged with the care of her to the Round house was a [..]
missing the next day but that will appeare in the following Accompt And [..]
Constable Cholmondly & Mr Vaughan were Ordered by the Justices to bring the [..]
disorderly ptons next day to the Court house in Bloomsbury Accordingly [..]
went have for that night

The next morning being the first of a August [..] & Clolmondly [..]
to the Round house in St Giles by the Order of [..] lives in Order be [..]
the Constable with the Disorderly psons to the Court house in Bloomsbury [..]
being in the Round house three men came upp to Cholmondly & Mr Vaughan
& could them that they must all goe before Justice Ellis but neither of them
A Constable And then Cholmondly & Mr Vaughan went out of the Round
house & goeing to the Court house in Order attend the Justices there were
great Mobb followed them which could not but exceed A hundred
people some of the Mobb seized Cholmondley & Mr Vaughan & Sa [..]
they must goe before Justice Ellis Argot Gore was noo Constable but [..]
they were in the hands of the Mobb A Constable came upp & told they [..]
must goe before Justice Ellis & then look them into Custody Accordin [..]
they went along with the Constable to the Justices house and [..]
came there they were threatned by Justice Ellis for came [..]
parish in the face of A great Mobb which then were admired [..]
Justices house some calling of them Rogers & swearing what he [..]
would doe to them & very much insulted in ye prsence of Justice [..]
he himselfe holding out his hand in Admireing manner and
Cholmondly I know you very well & then discharged them haveing [..]
to charge them with upon which haveing been thus exposed they wen [..]
very much in Danger of being knocked on ye head.

But one William Wildgoose< no role > A near Neighbour happeing to be in Drury
Lane unknowne to us and in taleing the Disorderly psons Cholmond [..]
& Mr Vaughan saw this Neighbour there And there being A g [..]
Nosse in Drury Lane as aforesaid this Wild goose she St up to [..]
was the matter & came to the Castle Taverne where the Disorder [..]
psons were brought and then upon the Order of the Justices [..]
carry them upp to the Round house the said Wild goose was ch [..]
with One of the Disorderly Women which was first taken by the Cons [..]
where at ge takeing of her at first Wild goose not pe sent but
comeing out from the Justices there were A great mobb got toget [..]
upon which Wild goose lost the Constable & all the rest & not Know [..]
where to carry her he carryed her to the Watch house in High h [..]
mistead of the Round house by St Giles Church the Constable of the
night seemed the Disorderly pson and the pson that was charge [..]
with her the Round house where he the said Wild goose was

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