Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

August 1721

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Image 3 of 106th September 1721


The Comittee of Justices of peace for stateing what most
are due to petty Constable for passing of Vagrants, a [..]
alsoe what moneys are standing out [..] & uncollect [..]
the Rates for the marshalsea Kings bench & hospitall [..]
mett at Hickshall the last week in order to draw up [..]
Report to the Court of sessions Concerning the [..]
to them referred But on debate of the matter Hi [..]
by them adjudged requisite that before their report could be drawn up yor ant.youas Trearer of t [..]
moneys raised by vertue of the severall Rates made for the marshalsea Kings Bench & h [..]
within the Hundred of Elthorne Spelthoane Isleworth he [..]
be brpt before them withon wth they cannot make their Report A [..]
[..] have therefore ordered that you doe forthurth gett in & receive what money [..] is st [..]
out & uncollected on those Rates & in arreare and likewise make [..]
yor accot of what you have already & shall have reced by vertue of those R [..]
&havealsoe of what moneys are in arreare uncollected there upon [..]
of what high Constables have made default in [..]
paying the same,Andand that youShould Senddoe leave such [..]
to me at my her or my deputy Mr. Robt Hardey< no role > with me or my Deputy at my
office in the middle Temple , And this you are to get [..]
as soon as you can, for that the Comittee are to make
their Report the next Quarter sessions, wth are to beginn [..]
Hickshall on the ninth day of october next , And asse [..]
yor acct. is left at my office I am to send notice thereof [..]
the Chairman of the Comittee, to the intent that their [..]
Report may be ready to deliver in to the Court at [..]
next Quarter sessions, And therefore by Order of the Court [..]
I send you this notice white that you may send out yor pe rop [..] to the severall high court
take such methods as are proper to be used in this ass [..]
I am

yor. humble servt
Jim: Harcourt< no role > Cl of the [..]
of the [..]

Sept. 6th 1721

The like be was writt to mr. Nathanl Chandler< no role > Trear for the Marshalsea [..]
bench & hospitalls for the Hundreds of ossulston Edmonton & Gore

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