Middlesex Sessions:
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September 1717

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Image 29 of 5618th July 1717

To the Honoble Bench of his Majesties Justices
of the Peace at Hicks Hall

The humble Peticon of George Bonny< no role > one
of the Officers of his Majesties Palace
Court of Westminster

Humbly Sheweth

That yor. Peticoner having a good Processe issuing
out of his Majesties said Court against one Richard
< no role > at the Suite of John Morris< no role > and his wife for
Thirty Six pounds Debt due on Bond to the said Plts
Yor. Peticoner Arrested the said Deft. by vertue of the said
processe and sometime after he was arrested white in your
Peticoner Custody the sd. Deft. procured some friend to go
to Lawrence St. Loe< no role > Esqr one of his Majties. Justices of the Peace
Who Sent to yor. Peticoner an Order or Warrant to discharge
the sd. Deft. as being a Soldier Which being the first Warrant
that ever yor. Peticoner had of that sort yor. Peticoner was very
dubious how he should comply therewith and after he had
asked Advice he Carrryed the Deft. into Custody to the
Marshalsea where he still remaineth altho' he has often moved
the Court to be discharged Which the Court hath not 1st thought
fit to do because he cannot prove himselfe to be within she benefit
of the late Act of Parliament And your Peticoner further
Sheweth unto your Honoes That your Peticoner is bound over
to Appear this Sessions at Hicks Hall to Answer his not
Complying with the sd. Warrant from Mr. Justices Lot
which (if he had done as yor. Peticoner is informed he
your Peticoner must have paid the Debt to the plh. which
would have utterly [..] mined your Peticoner and his family)

Where fore yor. Peticoner humbly hopes
this Honoble Bench will discharge
his said Recognizance

And yor Petr. As in duty Bound
Shall ever pray Etc

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