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January 1715

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Image 132 of 18517th February 1715

Middx ss:

Ad General Quarterial Session paris Dui Regis tent P
Com Middx apnd Hicks hall in St. John Street in Com prd.
p adjorn die Jovis scilt decimo septimo die Februar anno
regin Dui Georgy mmc Regis Magne Britannie Etc primo

Whereas Itis this daywas Ordered by thisdayCourt that the
dwelling house belonging to the house Correccon at
Clerkenwell in this County wch is very [..] shall be pulled downe & a sureeightdwelling house built instead thereof and that shall be rebuilt & [..]
eight wards in the said prison wch. [..] shall be effectually repaired for the
safe custody of the prisoners comitted thither, and that
or sume of eight hundred poundsmoneys shall be raised for
that end & purpose& for paymt moneys remaining due to
severall workmen for repaires done at the

Now to the intent that the sd verybuildings [..] dwelling house may be ordered
& the sd wares repairedsettlein a substantiall Quarrter
said prison,It is Ordered by this Court that it be and
It is hereby recomended & referred unto John Offley< no role >
John Milner< no role > This name instance is in set 4214. John Richardson< no role > John Fuller< no role > Alexander
< no role > Richard Browne< no role > Benjamin Hilton< no role > John Metcalfe< no role >
& John Crosbie< no role > Esqrs . Justices of the peace for this Court or any three or more
& such other of his Maties. Justices of the peace for this
County as shall this be fit to be present or any five of them to contract with workmen
for pulling downe thenot present olddwelling house now belonging to that
said house of Correccon & for erecting a new dwelling
house instead thereof & repaireing the wards in
the said prison according to the method in such
manner as is menconed in athereport made unto this Cort byofthe sd. John
< no role > John Milner< no role > John Richardson< no role > & Alexander
< no role > (who have already viewed the sd. dwelling
house & wards & the defects of repaires thereof pursuant to all Order of this Court)
And to employ workmen for the doeing thereof in such
conveinent time as to them shall seem meet And to
give an accompt of their proceeding in the premisses [..]
unto his Maties: Justices of the peace to be assembled at
the Generall or Quarter Sessions of the peace to be held
for this County,

P Cur

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