Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

January 1715

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Image 78 of 18527th November 1714

To the Rt: Worshippfull his Majes: Justices of the peace for ye County of
Middlesex .

The Joyntx Senrall humble petition and Appeal of Richard
< no role > Joseph Birth< no role > James Chawell< no role >
David Minnell< no role > William Collyer< no role > Thomas Divett< no role >
Thomas Gibson< no role > [..] er Jeremiah
< no role > Richard Baynard< no role > and Joseph Bosly< no role >
Inhabitants within the Parish of St James
Clerkenwell in the said County.


That your petitrs: are assessed very high towards the relief of
the poor of the said parish.

That there are divers of your petitrs: Neighbours who pay.
farr greater Rents then they doe & of as good ability And are not Charged.
soe much as your Petitr. to the said poors Rate and some
totally omitted Wherefore your Petitr. humbly Conceive
themselves aggrieved and opprest by the said Unjust rate.

They therefore humbly pray yor. Worspps will be
pleased to order the Churchwardens & Ovseers.
of the poor of the said parish to attend this
Court some Day this Sessions with their
Collecting Rootes to shew Cause why Yor.
Petitr: Thomas not or recieved
And yor. Petitr. shall ever pray Etc.

Richd. Claridge< no role >
Jos: Birch< no role >
James Sheweth< no role >
David Minnex< no role >
[..] Collyer
Tho: Gibson< no role >
[..] per
Jerer Gaznett< no role >
Rich Baynard< no role >
Jos. Bosley< no role >

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