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January 1715

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Image 70 of 18511th October 1714

To the Worrshipfull John Rotheram< no role > Esqr : And the rest of her Maties: Justices of
the peaces att Hickes Hall :

The Humble peticon & appeale us Rachell phillipps< no role > widdow


That yor: petr: who hath a Child to mainetaine had the ruis fortune to take
a lease of a house in Clackenwell thinking these by to Lett Lodgings where by
to mainetaine her selfe & Child, But same of the pishor: to eale themselves Doth
soe burthen her with unreasonable taxes to the poor & [..] though the [..] n Selude have great estate
in the pish And yor. petr. hath nothing in the pish but the sd Lease which
Severall of them hath been Sollicitted to take the sayd Lease of her hands, Now
can shee lett She same & ulesse shee will be bound to pay the tax & which shee is in
noe way able to doe shee handing noreway to lore whereby to mainetaine herselfe &
Child unless shee could lett her Lodgings which shee cannot doe,

Yor. petr. who hath duely been bredd as a gentle [..] And & at
noeway to gett a livelyhood but is at present under Leave [..]
circumstance Therefore humbly beggs yor. Worspps to consider
her case & condicon and to ease her from the heavy & unreasonable
Burthen of taxes to upon that soe shee & her child may not bee [..] quite
mined forty at shee is not able any Longer to beare it
And that yor: Worrpps: will please to make such order terin for
the releife & ease of yor. petr. & her child as to yor. grave &
wise Judgmts: you shall thinke mostrurrt,

And yor: petr: & her child a sin duly bound
Shall ever pray Etc

Middx ss:

Ad General Quarterial session paris Due Regine
tent P Com Middx apnd Hicks hall in St. John
Street in Com prd. adjorn die [..] scilt scdo die
[..] JulyLune scilt undecimo die Octobris anno regin DueAnneGeorgy mmc Regise Magne
Britannie Etcdecimater dieprimo

It is Ordered by this Court that it be And It is hereby recomended
unto Joseph short< no role > Benjamin Hilton< no role > Richard Brown< no role > & John Fuller< no role > Esqrs . Justices of the peace for this
County or any two of them to sumon before them the Churchwardens & Overseers of
the poor of the parish of St. [..] James Clerkenwell in this County
and to examin into the truth of the petrs. complaint, and to certify
their opinions touching the premisses within menconed unto her Maties.
Justices of the peace at the next Generall Quarter Sessions of the peace
to be held for this County.

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