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July 1703

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The Examinacon of John Deering< no role > late of D [..] lin Victualler
taken before Sr Edwd Clarke< no role > Knt & Alderman of London

This Examinant being duly Sworn & examined saith that about
the Monthy of [..] June or Julyday ofwch was in the Yeare of our
Lord 1702Thomas Cook< no role > This name instance is in set 2758. who ptended to have lived at
London came to this Examinants house at in the City of Dublin
in Ireland & [..] had a Room in this Examinants house to Leach
the Science of Backsword And upon a [..] e had between
this Examint. & the sd Tho Cook Concerning the Societys for
Reformation of Manners in Ireland The sd Thomas Cook< no role > Said
he wondered at the people of Ireland to Suffer Such Rogues for
that in London they used them like Doges And then Said that ye
beginning of may then last past [..] at
a fair called may fair in or near London He the sd Cook was
drinking there & hearing a great noise wth out in the fair he
a asked what was the Matter And answer was made the Constable
was takeing up men for Swearing where upon the sd CookSaid
told this Examinant that he want up to them wch Six Souldiers with
him & Drew his Sword & Demanded the Man taken up for
Swearing wch they refused to Deliver whereupon they faught
& a Man fell in the Quarrell then the Souldiers came between
the Sd Cook & the Others that were in the Quarrell And the sd
Cook Said he turned about wifed his Sword & want a way
And that soon after he the sd Cook with two Gentleman wch he was
ashamed to leave was walking in London Saw Some Constables
& other people Standing together & when he the sd Cook came up to
them they said This is the Butcher of Glauster & went about to Secure
him upon wch the sd Thomas Cook< no role > Said the Butcher of Glauster
meaning himself made off through the Mobb & got to a
Friend house who advised him to come to Ireland for that he
could not be safe in London wch she sd Tho Cook< no role > Said to this Exaiant
[..] the whole Reason that brought him to Ireland & that he would
returne againe when that was Over And this Exaiant Saith
that a ye Same time [..] the sd Tho Cook< no role > told him that he the sd Cook had
heard that Six Souldier were tryed for killing the Man in the sd fair but
were brought in not guilty laying the Crime altogether on him the sd Tho-

John Dearing< no role >

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