Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

April 1697

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To the Right Worpll: his Matis: Justices
of the Peace for the County of Middlesex

The humble Peticon of the Church-Wardens
Vestry men and other Inhabitants of the parish of
St: Martin in the Fields in the said County.


That the three Burgesses living in the said parish, who belong
to the Stewards Court at Westminster with some of the Overseers of the poor
for the year last past [..] Constables, and Surveyors of the Highe
Wayes , without giving notice either to your Petrs. (with whome the said
three Burgesses dined on Easter Monday) or to the new Overseers of the
poor who were that day in the morning in the Vestry Room of the said
parish, confirmed under the hands and Seales of all the Justices of
peace of the parish being Five in number and notwithstanding the
said Burgesses had agreed with your Petr. to have the Election of
Easter Tuesday at 8 in the morning, Did on the said Monday in the
Evening at an Alehouse choose Scavengers for the said parish ma [..]
John White< no role > (the Raker) one of the two Scavengers for every [..]
of the parish, there being Seventeen Divisions [..]
continue him in the place of Raker, altho' he [..] very [..]
negligent in Cleansing diverse Streets of the parish and has t [..]
a greater Allowance than other persons offer to do the work w [..]
for; and on Tuesday last (by what Law your Petr know not) the [..]
White and the other persons so Irregularity Elected, were sworne Scavengers in the
said Court at westminster and were also confirmed under the
hands of Seyt: Bonython of Grays Inn and a Justice of peace holy
in St. Clements parish To the great wrong and Injury of your Petr.
and other the Inhabitants of the said parish.

Wherefore your Petr. humbly pray such Reliese
herein as to your Worps shall soon most meet.

And Etc.

Charles Peter< no role > .
Tho: Barnes< no role >
Edward Winterton< no role >
Edwd: Crale< no role > Ower
Bell Thody< no role >
Jo: Burnaby< no role >
Rich Vincent< no role > Ower
Roger Brill< no role > Patcham

Albert Fort< no role >
Step: Phillips< no role >
Robt: Wood< no role > .
Eton: Sadler< no role >
Richd Heath< no role >
N Wendell

Edw: Salisbury< no role >
Fra: Boteler< no role > }

Row: Green< no role > Wood
John Roydhous< no role >
Jaques Wiseman< no role >
Jo: Heming< no role >
Rob: Sh< no role > [..]

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