Middlesex Sessions:
Sessions Papers - Justices' Working Documents

December 1696

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Henry Harwood< no role > Constable of the Libty of
Hollywell streete in the Pish of St. Heward
Shoreditch in the s County & Dems. Taylor
Robt Ashworth< no role > Wm. Steede< no role > & Wm Newman< no role >
head burroughs of the s Libty

That yor. Petr. did Seare the sd. Officer in the sd Libty [..] the yor. 1690
And that an Ayreemt. was then pposed by the Nihabith of the
Tower Harish the for Supp Gring all suspected Howses of Bawdry
& all lewd and suspicious p sons wch in the s Hamsells wch s Agremt.
was psented to, this Honble Cat & approved of accordingly &
was afterwards by yor. Worspps ordered to be by the Servall Officers
of the sd. Hamletts putt in execuron.

That the sd. Agreemt. was prsented to the Servall Inhabitts of the s
pish of St. Leonard Shoreditch in ordr. to them complyanne
there wch and was debated at agenralllVestry held for the s
Parish & the sd. Vestry did then conclude & agred ye they
would not joyne wth. the Inhabitts of the s Hamblett towards
defrayings the charge of two Times the sd suspected house of Bawdry
& all such Servd & suspicious p sons Pmt were Willmes and did agree
to defray the whole charge there of within there sd. Pish.
That yor. Petrs did in the time of theire sd. Offices disburse the
said of 24 & up wards in p secuteines One Frances Hinton< no role > This name instance is in set 2945.
als West< no role > who was a pson of a very Servd life & conversances
whereupon the s Framces Hinton< no role > als West concerned an
Anold in their maties Court of Comon Pleas at Westmd
agst yor. Petrs who thereupon obteyned a Verdict capt her
& the s. Frances Hinton< no role > als west being a very poore
woman yor. Ptrs. cond had waines obteynd sattisfaccon or record the
sd. Said of 24th. soe by them disbursed as aforesd And they having
often requested the Inhabitts of the s Libty to remibise yor. Petrs
the p find of 24th. which they refusd to doe whereby yor. Petrs. humbly
remerie themselves appari [..] ed.

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