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April 1691

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Midds ss

Ad genal Quartial Sessions paris Diu Regis & Due Regine tent P
Com Midds apnd Hickshall in St. Johnstreet in Com prds p adjornd
die Martis Scilt vicesuno prime die Aprilis Anno regis Diu &
Due uroy Guliehin & Maris Deiyrd Augl Francis & Hubine
Regis & Regine fides Defensor Etc Tertis & Scotie Secundo
coram Carole Lee< no role > milite Thomas Rowe< no role > milite Jacobe Cardro< no role >
Thoma Johnson< no role > Aris Etalys Socys suis Justic dcoy adnd Regis
& Due Regine ad pactoner in Com prds conservamr nec [..]
diverse felon fusgr & al malefon in eod Com ppetrat audiemt & [..]

Upon reading the humble peticon of the Churchwarden & Overseers of
the poor of the Hamblett of Hampton wicke in this County setting forth
that one William Baker< no role > a Child now chargeable to the said Hamblett
was by order under the hands and seals of Charles Windham< no role > and
William Stevens< no role > Esqr two of their Maties Justices of the peace for the
County of Southton conveyed from Atherton in the Isle of Whit e in [..]
that County to Hampton Wick aforesaid by the name of William Hamby< no role > [..]
on prtence that the said William was last legally settled at Hampton as a native [..]
there and that they could prove that the said Child was born of the
body of Elizabeth Baker< no role > , then & yett the wife of Bartholomew Baker< no role > [..]
who was last legally settled in Atherton aforesaid and thereby
appealeing to this Court agt the said Order & praying to be heard
thereon and to be releived in the prmises And on hearing what was
alleadgied by the Churchwardens & Overseers of the poor of
Atherton aforesaid in the psence of Councell learned on both side [..]
The Peticonrs not being prpared to make out that the said Bartholomew
< no role > was last legally settled in Atherton aforesaid and praying
a further day By consent of the said parties and their Councell
This Court doth order that the matter of the said Appeal be
heard & determined att this Quarter Sessions to be held by

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