Middlesex Sessions:
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April 1690

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Middx ss

The information of John Glover< no role > taken
Upon Oath before me this 11th. day of
April. Anno Dom 1690

This Informt. Saith upon his Oath that on Wensday
Night Last past this Informt was prclt up
in the Streets weere Long acre by two Women
by name Alice Stary< no role > & Rebecca Wright< no role > where
this Informt went with them to a Victualling
house colt the Regine of the Griffen & Parriott
in Mercers Streets in the pish of St Martins
in the Feild where this Informt did drincke
with the two Psons two taken of Creene &
ale & one Quarterne of Brandy & paid for
the Same the Sume of Six pence. And this
Informt further Saith that [..] The of sd two
prsons did picke their Informts parkell or
one of them alt the Lease of a Certaine kailt
purse wherein was in Moneys numbered in
Gold the Sume of Eight pound one Shilling
& Six pence which was felloniously Stolen
from his Pson by the sd Alice Stary< no role > & or
Rebecca Wright< no role > And further all prsent
saith Not P

John Glover< no role >

Jurat die & Anno
Suprd. Cora me}
Wm Allestree< no role > .

pseqrend [..]

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