Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th October 1789 - 5th December 1795

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Image 272 of 49610th January 1793

January 1793


At the General Quarter Session of the Peace of our
Lord the King holden in and for the County of
Middlesex at the Session House for the said County
(by adjournment) on Thursday the Tenth day of
January in the Thirty fourth year of the Reign of our
Sovereign Lord George the third king of Great Britain Etc
Before William Mainwaring< no role > Esquire , Brackley
< no role > Samuel Glasse< no role > , Robert Burd Gabriel< no role > Doctors
in Divinity , Edward Montagu< no role > , John Brettell< no role > , George
Forster Tufnell< no role > , Nathaniel Conant< no role > , George Story< no role > , Patrick
< no role > , Richard Heaviside< no role > , Thomas Tryon Cotton< no role > ,
Thomas Scott< no role > , Thomas Gordon< no role > , Thomas Collins< no role > ,
William Hyde< no role > , John Staples< no role > , John Floud< no role > , Rupert
< no role > , Richard Smart< no role > , Edward Read< no role > , Thomas
< no role > William Bleamire< no role > , John Bond< no role > , William
< no role > , John Hole< no role > , Jacob Leroux< no role > , Archibald
< no role > , Frederick Matthew< no role > , Daniel Williams< no role > , Nicholas
< no role > and Charles Shepherd< no role > Esquires Justices Etc .

Mr Stirling having informed the Court that several
Gentlemen Inhabitants of Finchley Etc attended the Court relative to
the Bridge in the said Parish of Finchley called Aislebies Bridge
which had been presented by the Grand Jury as a County Bridge
ruinous and in great decay and the said Inhabitants of the Parish of
Finchley being desirous that their Evidence in support of the several
Facts charged in the Indictment should be laid before the Court for their
consideration in order amicably to adjust and settle the matter
complained of without the expence of a litigation and the Court
being also desirous of fully inquiring into and of considering this

Mr Wilson was called in who declared that he resided in the
Parish of Finchley both before and since the erecting the Bridge in
Question; That the said Bridge was opened in the Month of
December; That there was before the said Bridge was erected an

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