Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th October 1789 - 5th December 1795

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October 1792

Session House Clerkenwell Green
Novr. 2d. 1792.

The Jurors of our Sovereign Lord the King in Grand
Inquest assembled most seriously deploring the increasing prevalence of
that most detestable and abominable Crime which the Law has pronounced
not fit even to be named among Christians, and from several circumstances
which have come to their Knowledge as well in Evidence as otherwise
having reason to believe the Perpetrators of this horrid Offence are much
assisted in the means of effecting their diabolical practices by the Access
they get to His Majesty's Park of St. James in the City and Liberty of
Westminster during the Night where their Meetings have been so frequent
as almost to become matter of public notoriety: The Jurors therefore
humbly presume to come before this Court with a request that the
Court will be pleased in such mode and manner as they shall
think proper to make the needful Application to the Ranger of the
said Park his Deputy, or other the proper Officer, that if i shall be
found convenient and practicable every Avenue whatever leading to
the said Park may be shut up at some certain and seasonable time
in the Evening and so continue until Morning, and that no person
be suffered to enter the said Park during the time of its being so shut
without making it appear that they have some lawful occasion for so
doing: The Jurors have been given to understand that all the Gates
except the one known by the name of Penny's Gate are already shut up
nightly and they of themselves are not aware of any Inconveniences that
can arise from shutting this also but this they humbly submit to
consideration; The Jurors confidently rely that the motives which have
led them to make this Application will secure it a favorable reception and
they rest in hopes the same may be carried into immediate effect.

John Smallwood< no role > Foreman, Adam SteinmetzSolm. Huffam
Jos. Brown< no role > Richd. Bradshaw< no role > Jerh. Blakeman< no role >
Wm. Green< no role > Robt Wissett< no role > Jno. Satchell< no role >
James Barnfield< no role > John Langley< no role > Wm. Mason< no role >
Isaac Estridge< no role > Thos. Drane< no role > Wm. Felton< no role >
Wm. Hicks< no role > John Paulin< no role > Charles Wilmot< no role >
Thos. Mears< no role > Jerh. Snow< no role > John Hearle< no role > .
Robt. Woodwell< no role > Edwd Pont< no role >

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