Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th October 1789 - 5th December 1795

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October 1792


At the General Quarter Session of the Peace of our Lord the
King holden in and for the County of Middlesex at the
Session House for the said County (by adjournment) on
Thursday the First day of November in the Thirty third
year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third King
of Great Britain Etc . Before William Mainwaring< no role > Esquire
Samuel Glasse< no role > , Robert Burd Gabriel< no role > , Brackley Kennett< no role > Doctors
in Divinity , George Byng< no role > , Thomas Gordon< no role > , John Hole< no role > , John
Bond, Rupert Clarke< no role > , William Coleman< no role > , Nicholas Bond< no role > ,
Nathaniel Conant< no role > , William Bleamire< no role > , Christopher Baynes< no role > ,
David Walker< no role > , Charles Sheppard< no role > , Herbert Whitfeld< no role > , John
< no role > John Floud< no role > , Rupert Clarke< no role > , Charles Friquet< no role > and
Robert Smith< no role > Esquires Justices Etc .

The Following Resolution of the Committee for Building the House of
Correction in cold Bath fields being read Vizt.

"Resolved that it is necessary to have a meeting of the Magistrates
"as soon as conveniently such a Meeting may be holden" To consider of the
"Appointment of Officers and of adopting Regulations for the Government of the
"New House of Correction for this County and of the Maintenance Security and
"Employment of the Prisoners, and that it be recommended to the Magistrates
"in Session assembled to appoint a Committee for that Purpose."

Resolved that a Committee be appointed to consider of the
Appointment of Officers and of adopting Regulations for the Government of the
New House of Correction for this County and that.

William Mainwaring< no role > Esqr
The Reverend Dr Glasse< no role >
The Reverend Dr. Gabriel< no role >
The Reverend Dr Kennett< no role >
Nathaniel Conant< no role > Esqr
William Bleamire< no role > Esqr
Henry Holland< no role > Esqr
Thomas Collins< no role > Esqr
Edward Gray< no role > Esqr
Thomas Gordon< no role > Esqr
Jacob Leroux< no role > Esqr.

George Byng< no role > Esqr
John Hole< no role > Esqr.
John Bond< no role > Esqr
Rupert Clarke< no role > Esqr
William Coleman< no role > Esqr
Christopher Baynes< no role > Esqr
David Walker< no role > Esqr
Charles Sheppard< no role > Esqr
Charles Friquet< no role > Esqr.
Robert Smith< no role > Esqr.

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