Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th October 1789 - 5th December 1795

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January 1791

underground and part of Left over his Stable at the bottom of a Yard
about 50 Yards from his House.

That the first is Fagged and very damp and the Plaistering
about the chimney Piece is very much broken and decayed the Brick Walls
all very dirty, there is a Platform raised a few Inches form the Ground on one
side of the Room covered with Straw which will with great difficulty contain
8 or 9 Persons. there is a small Grate in the Fire Place with a Fire with 2 or
3 small Benches.

That the way to the Left over the Stable is down a Dirty Yard,
through the Stable and up a slender Ladder the bottom of which is placed in a
a Manager so that a Person in good health must have difficulty in getting
up into the Loft, That upon talking with Mr Adams and asking him if he
had not kept Males and Females separate he said in general Yes except the
Alen and their Wives who lay together and that other Females lay there with
them. that he had frequently from 20 to 30 Persons at a time and that he had
had 27 in the Paved Room Yesterday but that 10 of them were put into the
Hay Loft< no role > at Night, That they were not allowed any Covering and that they
had never had any other Accommodation than straw to lye upon since he
had the Contact.

That your Committee being struck with the miserable Accommodation
provided for these poor Wretches are of Opinion that more wholesome and
comfortable Apartments should be provided for them and recommend to the
Court That directions be given for providing Flock Beds or Pellices like to
those ordered for the House of Correction at Clerkenwell and a covering of some
kind to be provided for them.

That Your committee only found Five Objects in the Paved Room
upon their visit who being asked of the manner of their having obtained Passes
Three of them the only ones from the City (who appeared in good health) declared
respective homes were advised to go to the Lord Mayor< no role > for Passes which
they did and had them of course.

All which Your said Committee Submit Etc
W. Bleamire

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