Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 234 of 54227th April 1786

April 1786

Resolved it appears to this Committee That the Number
of Vagrants passed in through and out of this County are of late Years
greatly increased

Resolved it appears to this Committee That the expence
of apprehending passing and relieving Vagrants has greatly increased
and become a heavy charge upon this County the same having amounted
to the Sum of 1857 for One Year Ending in April 1785

Resolved it appears to this Committee by the information
of the said Contractor that several persons have been passed from the
City of London dangerously Ill some of which have died in his
Hands and in the Hospital before they could be moved by him out
of this County and that many are passed as Vagrants who do not appear
to be Objects of the Vagrants Laws.

Resolved it appears to this Committee That the
Increase of Vagrants aries from the great Numbers coming from
the City of London and the Ease with which Passes are there obtained

Your Committee are therefore of Opinion
That if no Persons were passed as Vagrants but such as are the true
Objects of the Vagrants Laws and if they were passed agreeable to the
directions of the Act of the 17th. Geo:2nd.. it would be a certain means of
decreasing the Numbers and relieving this County of the heavy charge
now so justly complained of.

And Your Committee Further Report

That having taken into Consideration the Reference to them
made in December Session last Vizt. "to Consider the most proper mode to discontinue
the Tap House at New Prison and of laying the same into the Keepers House and
making a Window or other proper opening there from to look into the Prison" Your
Committee viewed the Prison and the Tap House and Caused Mr. Rogers ( the Surveyor)
to attend them with the Plans of the said Prison and the Tap House and Ground thereto
adjoining and having inspected the same Your Committee are of Opinion
that the most proper way of making the intended alteration would be To Enlarge
the Tap House over the Passage to the present Keepers House in the One Pair of
Stairs floor next to the Mens Yard and to make an opening in the Boundary
Wall of the Mens Yard for a Window with a Strong Iron Grating before the
same .

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