Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

12th January 1784 - 10th September 1789

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Image 233 of 54227th April 1786

April 1786

From April Session 1775 to April Session 1776. 1307 Persons by 893 Passed
April Session 1776 to April Session 1777. 1397 do. by 990 do.
April Session 1777 to April Session 1778. 1450 do. by 1027 do.
April Session 1778 to April Session 1779. 1806 do. by 1179 do.
April Session 1779 to April Session 1780. 1392 do. by 956 do.
April Session 1780 to April Session 1781. 1873 do. by 1321 do.
April Session 1781 to April Session 1782. 2189 do. by 1589 do.
April Session 1782 to April Session 1783. 2516 do. by 1701 do.
April Session 1783 to April Session 1784. 3206 do. by 2375 do.
April Session 1784 to April Session 1785. 4244 do. by 3329 do.

That your Committee having interrogated the said Contractor as
to the Cause to which he attributed the great increase of Vagrants he
Replied that he thought the same arose from the case with which Passes
were obtained from the Magistrates of the City of London .

That your Committee thinking this a Matter of Great
Importance to this County did by Letter request the Lord Mayor and
Aldermen of the City of London to appoint a time and Place for a
Conference with your Committee on this Subject to which they received an
Answer dated the 12th. of November last informing them that their request
should be laid before the next Court of Aldermen. In Consequence of which
William Mainwaring< no role > Esquire the Chairman of the Sessions in December last
informed the Court that he had received a Letter from the Lord Mayor informing
him that he had communicated to the Court of Aldermen the Letter he had
received from the Committee and that the Court had desired the Lord Mayor
to have an Interview with him on the Subject and in January last mr.
Mainwaring informed the Court that he had seen the Lord Mayor on the
subject of the Vagrants passed from the City of London into this County and
that his Lordship had promised to Inquire into the manner of passing the
Vagrants and that the same should be corrected if any thing Improper was
found to be Practiced therein, but no other Conference has yet been had
Therefore Your Committee have thought it proper to Report to the
Court the following Resolutions which have been Come to by them

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