Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

February 1774 - December 1783

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The Coroners of this County
alld. 15th. for every inqui
-sition taken on view
of the body of any person
dying in Custody in New
Prison and the Houses
Correction at Clerkenwell }

An Account of Inquisitions taken by Edward
< no role > Esqr. one of the Coroners of this County on view of the Persons
dying in Custody in the Prisons of New Prison at Clerkenwell and
in the House of Correction there from the fifth day of December 1780 to
the 9th April 1783 being laid before the Court and the said Edward
< no role > praying to be paid for the same so much as His Majestys
Justices if the Peace in Sessions shall allow pursuant to [..]
Statute in that Case. It is Ordered that Edward Umfreville< no role >
Esqr. be allowed the Sum of fifteen shillings for each and every
inquisition contained in the above Account and also for every
inquisition by him to be taken in future on view of the Body of any
Person in Custody dying in Prison until further Order of the Court
to the contrary thereof And it is also Ordered that Mr John
< no role > the Treasurer of this County do pay unto the said Edward
< no role > Esqr. the Sum of 35..0..3 being the amount of the
allowance to him at the Rate aforesaid for the inquisitions contained
in his said Account laid before this Court and that the Receipts of the
said Edward Umfreville< no role > Esqr. together with this Order shall be a
sufficient discharge for the same.

Wm. Watherston< no role > permitted
to serve the prisons with

It is Ordered that William Watherston< no role > be permitted to
serve the Prisoners in New Prison at Clerkenwell and the House of
Correction there with Bread until the County day of the now next Session

Commee appointed to
next with the Quakers
for the purchase of
their ground when to

It is Ordered that the Committee appointed at the
last Session of the Peace holden for this County to heat with the people
called Quakers for the purchase of the Ground and Buildings situate
in the Parish of St. James Clerkenwell near to Clerkenwell Bridewell
be summoned to meet at this place Friday the 7th. day of November next
at the hour of one precisely in execution of their referrence and that the
Committee of the People called Quakers have notice thereof.

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