Middlesex Sessions:
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February 1774 - December 1783

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September 1782


In Answer to Glre which I am honoured with I which did not
come to my Hands till this Morng. owing to an absence from Town, I beg.
leave to assace you in the Name of the Justices that they are very sensible
of the Zeal & Readiness of the Military when call'd to the assistance of the
Civil power and have also the pleasure to inform you the same Ideas as
you mention respectg. the Guards doing Duty at the Persons have
occurred to the Justices & nothing but the Riotous and Dangerous State of
the Prisons would have induced them to desire their Attendance so long as
they did. But Sir, at present the Justices have no Concern with the
Soldiers at Clerkenwell Prison , so long ago (I believe) as last April the
Justices thinking the prisons in a State to be taken care of by the
Keepers with their Assisstants so far as related to Priminals informed
the Commandg. Officer that the attendance of the Soldiers cod. then be dispensed
with at New Prison . intended to send the said Notice inform respecting
Clerkenwell Bridewell but there being a great Number of Debtors in that
prison (on Accot. of Newgate not being in a State to receive them) who &
are the Sheriffs Prisoners & whose Debts the Sheriffs are answerable for
in case of escapes they requested the Justices not to desire the Soldiers
dissmission from Clerkenwell Bridewell they the Sheriffs under took to be
at the expence of and to continue the Allowance to the Soldiers as the Co. had done
since wch. time they have done it merely on the Sheriffs Account. Which I
understood had been notified to the Commanding Officer. I am therefore hath
in assuring you the Justices sensible of the disagreeable Service the Soldiers
were engaged intheir dismission from it as soon as they thot the
Danger over whichthem to ask for their assisstance; and that
they have no wish at the time to trouble the Military to attend at Clerkenwell
Bridewell : I trust however you will please to Order notice to be given to
the Sheriffs before the Guard is taken away if such a Measure is thot. properl.

I cant help regretting that any Complaints Shod. be made to Gore
respecting the Conduct of the Keeper or any Psons under them to the Soldiers
doing Duty at the Prisons as the Soldiers have to myself and many
others frequently expressed their satisfaction at the Treatment they recd;
and would upon Complaint made to the Justices have had ample
Ricompence agt. any Psons under their power who had been Guilty of
the least Impropriety toward them, it being the desire of the Justices
to pay every Attention and Respect to the Military & protect them from any
Insult whatever.

I have the honour to be with great Respect:

Your most obedt. humble Servant:


Han: Sq:
8th. Augt. 1782:

The Field Officer in waiting of the
Foot Guards White Hall:

Ordered that the said Letters be entered among the Orders and
Proceedings ofthis Court:


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