Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

24th February 1763 - 13th January 1774

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By Adjournment on Thursday the Seventh day of
July 1763 . in the 3d. year of King George the 3d.

John Gurney< no role > Appoin
ted High Constable instead
of Arnold lately appted.
in Wm Finch's Stead

Upon reading the humble Petition of William Finch< no role > One of the high
Constables of the Hundred of Gore in this County praying to be discharged
from his Office and it appearing to this Court that by an Order of the
last Session upon his Petition he was to be discharged upon One Henry
Arnolds taking upon him that Office but that the said Henry Arnold< no role >
hath not taken on him the said Office This Court doth therefore
now Appoint John Gurney< no role > of the Parish of Harrow in this County
Gentleman to be High Constable within the said Hundred in the
room and stead of the said William Finch< no role > and doth Order that the
said John Gurney< no role > do forthwith on Notice hereof Attend One of his
Majestys Justices of the Peace for this County residing in or near
the said Hundred and take his Oath for the due Execution of the said
Office of High Constable And from and after the said John Gurneys< no role >
having taken the said Oath the said William Finch< no role > is to Stand
Absolutely discharged from his said Office.

Reference for the
Election of a Keeper
of Clerkenwell
Bridewell .

Whereas the Office Place or Employment of Governour or
Keeper of the House of Correction at Clerkenwell in this County
is become vacant by the Removal of John Turner< no role > late
Governour or Keeper thereof for Sundry Neglects of his Duty
and other Misdemeanors wherewith he hath been particularly
charged and which have been fully proved upon as well as
confessed by him., This Court doth hereby declare the same
Office Place or Employment vacant accordingly.

Thomas Lane< no role > .
George Errington< no role > .
Edward Jennings< no role > .
Thomas Niccoll< no role > .
Francis Bedwell< no role > .
Robert Pell< no role > .
James Esdaile< no role > .
John Spencer Colepeper< no role > .
Benjamin Cowley< no role > .
John Hawkins< no role > .
William Hallett< no role > .
Henry Lambe< no role > .
Gerrard Howard< no role > .
Christopher Scott< no role > .
Charles Palmer< no role > .
Thomas Kynaston< no role > .
William Spinnage< no role > .

And it is hereby resolved than an Election of another
fit and proper Person to be Governour or Keeper of the
Said House of Correction instead of the said John Turner< no role > be
had on the County Day of the next Session by his Majesty's
Justices of the Peace for this County who shall be then
assembled in the same Session. And it is ordered
that it be and it is hereby recommended and referred to the
Gentlemen now present in Court and such other of his
Majesty's Justices of the Peace for this County as shall please
to be present and any five or more of them to meet as a
Committee at Hick's Hall on Tuesday the thirtieth Day of
August next by nine o'Clock in the Forenoon and at such
other Times and Places as they shall then agree upon

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