Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

24th February 1763 - 13th January 1774

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Image 13 of 26719th May 1763

19. May. 1763 .

Robt Pell< no role >
John Cox< no role >
Tho Balack< no role >
Wm Timbrell< no role >
Benj Cowley< no role >
Elisha Biscoe< no role > &
Jas Hubbald< no role >

'more convenient on a further Conference And the Gentlemen in the Commission
'residing in that Division then present who were Thomas Lane< no role > Georges
'George Cooke< no role > Saunders Welch< no role > Joseph Girdler< no role > and John Hawkins< no role > Esquires
'proposed a Meeting on the Wednesday following in the Vestry Room of the
'Parish of Saint Giles in the Fields in that Division for carrying the proposed
'laudable Scheme into Execution.

'It is the Opinion of your Committee that if any other Gentlemen in
'the Commission residing in any Division in this County who shall please
'to be present at any of the Rotation Sittings in the aforesaid three Divisions
'their Assistance will be acceptable And therefore your Committee recom-
'mend it to this Court that such Gentlemen be invited to meet as often as
'their Leisure will admit.

''All which your Committee submit Etc.''

Report Confirmed.

Which Report being read was approved of by the Court And it was
thereupon recommended that a proper, Rotation be fixed in each Division

Immediately after the report of the Commee concerning two Justices sitting by rota
tion in each Division was read & confirmd Robert Pell< no role > Esq One of the Justices of the Peace for
this County residing within the Tower Division (accompanied by Christopher Scott< no role > Esq one other
of the Justs. residing in the same Divn.) dd in a rept. in Writing of the Exceedings of the Justices ac
ting in the said Divisn. which Report is as follows.

Report of the proceeding
of the Justices in the
Tower Division for
Establisting a Rotation}

''Tower Division
At a general Meeting of his Majesty's Justices of the
''Peace of the County of Middlesex acting within the
''Tower Division within the same County at the Angel
''and Crown Tavern in White Chapple on Wednesday the
''eleventh day of May in the year of our Lord 1763 in
''pursuance of an Order of the last General Quarter
''Session holden at Hicks Hall in and for the said
''County whereby it was referred to a Committee of his
''Majesty's Justices to consider of establishing Rotation
''Meetings for the Dispatch of Publick Business out
''of Session in each Division and make their Report
''of the Resolutions of his Majesty's Justices of the
''Peace in each Division on the next County Day


''George Garrett< no role >
''Christopher Scott< no role >
''Thomas Smith< no role >
''Robert Darling< no role >
''William Caslone< no role >
''John Shakespear< no role >

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