Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

24th February 1763 - 13th January 1774

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Image 8 of 2677th April 1763

By Adjournmt. Thursday 14 Apr 1763 .

Copy of the Representa
tion for 2 Justices sitting
by Rotation, dd in &

We whose Names are underwritten his Majesty's Justices of the
Peace for the County of Middlesex and City and Liberty of Westminster
beg leave to represent to this General Quarter Session of the Peace for the said
County that we are of Opinion the Opening of several publick Offices at proper
and convenient Distances from each other for two Magistrates to sit daily
by Rotation. (Sundays excepted) in each of those Offices for the Adminis-
tration of Justice, will not only add Honour to the Commission but be
productive of several good Purposes Nevertheless as a due Consideration
of the many Advantages naturally arising from this or some other
Method will require more time than be given at this Court We desire
their Countenance and Concurrence And that they will be pleased to appoint
a Committee to consist of a sufficient Number of Gentlemen from the
several Divisions in and near this Metropolis to prepare a plan for
carrying this very necessary and much wished for Design into Execution.
All which is submitted. Dated 7th. April 1763 .

John Brettell< no role >
J: Girdler
Boulton Manwaring< no role >
Chris: Scott< no role >
John Smart< no role >
John Hawkins< no role >
Saunders Welch< no role >
W: Sharpe
Tho. Lane< no role >
Wm Proctor< no role >
R. Pell
Thos. Owens< no role >

Wm. Caslon< no role >
Merry Teshmaker< no role >
J.S. Colepeper
Jno. Shakespear
William Deane< no role >
Thos. Scott< no role >
Willm. Hallet< no role >
George Cooke< no role >
Richd. Glyn< no role >
Henry Cheere< no role >
Richd. Hare< no role >
Wm. Baker< no role >
Ebenr. Mussell< no role >
Elisha Biscoe< no role >
Thos. Kynaston< no role >

Henry Lambe< no role >
Thos. Miller< no role >
John Crosse< no role >
Benj. Cowley< no role >
Jona: Chad. Durden
Willm. Shakespear
Fran: Bedwell< no role >
Jno. Sydenham< no role >
J: Hubbald
Is: Jalabert< no role >
Lister Selman< no role >
Robt. Darling< no role >
Geo. Garrett< no role >
Thos. Niccoll< no role >
Wm. Tayler< no role >

R Hodgson
Gerrard Howard< no role >
Chas. Palmer< no role >
Wm. Spinnage< no role >
Charles Wale< no role >
Thos. Balack< no role >
James Esdaile< no role >
Edm Byron< no role >
John Machin< no role >
Willm. Timbrell< no role >
Cad. Coker< no role >
John Cox< no role > .
Stepn. Clarke< no role >
Jno. Scott< no role > .

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