Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 545 of 55912th December 1752

By Adjournment on Tuesday the 12th. December 1752

Order for the Treasurer
to pay 14..2s..9d. to Robert
Wright Esqr. one of the
Coroners of the County of

An Account on List of Inquisitions being produced before this Court
by Robert Wright< no role > Esqr . one of the Coroners for the County of Middx. therein
mentioning the Same to be taken on the View of Dead Bodies in the said
County by the said Coroner since the twenty fourth Day of June 1752 (to Wit)
Since the last Sessions of the peace and chargeable on the said County
Pursuant to an Act of Parliament made in the twenty fifth year
of the Reign of King George the Second in titled an Act for giving a
Proper Reward to Coroners for the due Execution of their Office and
for amoval of Coroners upon a lawful Conviction for certain
Misdemeanors Which Accounts begins on the Fifth Day of November
1752 and Ends on the said twelfth Day of December in the same Year
therein mentioning the Bodies to be Viewed in Several Parishes
and Places in Middx and to be twelve in Number and that two
Pounds two Shillings and nine Pence is due to him for the
Number of Miles he went upon that Occasion being Fifty seven
in Number after the Hale of Nine Pence a Mile and that the
Sum of twelve Pounds is due to him for his Coroners Fee on
View of the said Bodies being twelve in Number which said
Sums of two Pounds two Shillings and nine Pence and twelve
Pounds amount together to the Sum of Fourteen Pounds two
Shillings and Nine Pence And it appearing to this Court by
Writing under the Hands of George Errington< no role > William Withers< no role >
& William Caslon< no role > Esquires three of his Majestys Justices of the
Peace for the said County that they have examined the said
Account and find the Same to be just and true It is
thereupon Ordered by this Court that Mr. John Higgs< no role > Treasurer
of this County do pay the said Sum of Fourteen pounds two
Shillings and nine Pence unto the said Robert Wright< no role > Coroner
in full of his said Demand whose Receipt together with this
Order shall be a sufficient Discharge to the said Treasurer for
such payment.

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