Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 541 of 55926th October 1752

By adjournment on Thursday the 26th. Day of October, 1752 .

Order for appointing
Tho: Hardwick< no role > Gent to
be High Constable within
the Hundred of Elthorne
in the Stead of Thomas
Halsey Gent.

Application being made unto this Court by Mr. Thomas Halsey< no role >
High Constable within the Hundred of Elthorne in this County
informing this Court that he hath Served the Said Office for the
Space of three years and praying to be discharged from the Same
This Court being Satisfyed of the Truth of the Premisses Doth
appoint Thomas Hardwick< no role > Gent . to the High Constable within
the Hundred of Elthorne in the Place and Stead of the Said
Thomas Halsey< no role > and doth Order that the Said Thomas Hardwick< no role >
do forthwith after Notice of this Order attend and take his Oath
before one of his Majestys Justices of the Peace of this County
residing in or near the Said Hundred for his due Execution of
the Office of High Constable within the Same Hundred And from
and after the time of his having taken Such Oath the Said
Thomas Halsey< no role > is to Stand absolutely discharged from being
High Constable within the Hundred of Elthorne aforesaid.

By adjornment on Saturday the 28th. Day of October 1752,
before Merry Teshmaker< no role > , George Errington< no role > , William Withers< no role > ,
William Caslon< no role > Esqrs . and others.

part of an Order in
Relation to Robt. Wright< no role >
Esqr . one of the Constable
of this County}

An Account or List of Inquisitions being produced before this
Court by Robert Wright< no role > Esqr . one of the Coroners for the County of
Middx therein mentioning the Same to be taken on the view of
Dead Bodies in the Said County by the Said Coroner Since the
twenty fourth day of June 1752 (to wit) Since the last Sessions
of the Peace and chargeable on the Said County pursuant to an
Act of Parliament made in the twenty fifth year of the Reign of
King George the Second Intitled An Act for giving a proper
Reward to Coroners for the due Execution of their Office, and for a moval
of Coroners upon a lawfull Conviction for certain Misdemeanors, which
Account begins on the Seventeenth Day of September 1752, and ends on
the Sixteenth Day of October in the Same Year therein mentioning the
the Bodies to be viewed in Several Parishes and places in Middx and
to be Seventeen in Number, and that two Pounds ten Shillings and
three pence is due to him for the Number of Miles he went upon that
Occasion being Sixty Seven in Number after the Rate of Nine pence a
Mile, and that the Sum of Seventeen Pounds is due to him for his
Coroners Fee on view of each of the Said Bodies being Seventeen,

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