Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Image 535 of 55914th September 1752

the respective Sums of Money abovementioned written over against
their respective Names in full of their respective Demands And that
the respective reciepts of the said respective Inspectors together with
this Order shall be sufficient discharges to the said Treasurer for
Such respective payments.

By Adjornmt. on Thursday the 14th. day of Septr. 1752

Order for Mr. Higgs the Trearer to pay
3.17s to Edward Chandler< no role > for Coffins
Etc. for Clerkenwell Bridewell .}

Nothing paid

An Account being Laid before this Court by Edward Chandler< no role > beginning the
23d. day of January 1750 and Ending the 18th. day of April 1752 of moneys
alledged to be due to him for Coffins Etc by him delivered to Clerkenwell Bridewell
in this County for the Burials of Prisoners committed thither amounting in the
whole to the Sum of Three Pounds and seventeen Shillings And it appearing
to this Court by Writing under the hands of George Errington< no role > & John Dekewer< no role >
Esqrs . two of his Majestys Justices of the Peace for the said County that they
have perused the said Account and Allow that there is due to the said Edward
Chandler the said Sum of three Pounds and Seventeen Shillings And the sd.
Edward Chandler< no role > praying that this Court will please to Order that the said Sum
may be paid unto him It is ordered by this Court that Mr. John Higgs< no role > Treasurer of this
County do pay the said Sum of three Pounds and seventeen Shillings unto the sd.
Edward Chandler< no role > infull of his said Demand whose Reciept together with
this Order shall be a Sufficient discharge to the said Treasurer for such Payment

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