Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

19th May 1743 - 22nd February 1753

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Immorality, and to the debauching and ruining of Servants
Apprentices and others, and also to the Disturbance of the Publick
Peace, by occasioning Quarrels, Riots Tumults, and other
Disorders Which Players of Interludes are by Law deemed
and declared Rogues and Vagabonds, and the acting of Such
PlaysandDrolls and other Shows, and the keeping of publick
Gaming Tables or Gaming Houses are contrary to the Laws
and Statutes of this Realm. For the preventing of
which Mischiefs for the future it is thought fit and Ordered by
this Court That it be, and it is hereby recommended and referred
unto his Majestys Justices of the Peace for the Said County of
Middx residing within the Said respective Divisions in
which the Said Fairs above Specifyed or any of them are
holden, or to any two or more of them by Warrant or Order
to be granted under their Hands and Seals as often as they
Shall think needfull, to Order and require the High Constable
of that Division in which Such Fairs or any of them are holden
and wherein Such Justices reside to Summon and take to his Assistance
from time to time the Several Petty Constables and Headboroughs
within the Said Division (whom this Court doth require to aid and
assist him herein) or So many of them as he Shall think Sufficient
for his Purpose, and that he the Said High Constable together with
Such Petty Constables and Headboroughs whom he Shall So take to
his Assistance, do use his and their best Endeavours to prevent and
Suppress the Said Fairs and all other unlawfull Fairs within their
Divisions, and also that he and they do apprenhend all and every Players of
Interludes Plays or Drolls and other Persons who Shall Act
exhibit or Shew any Such Interludes Plays or Drolls or play at or
encourage or procure any unlawfull Game or Games to be played
at in any Playhouse Booth Shed or other Place in or near Such
Fair or Fairs. And that the Said High Constable and Petty
Constables and Headboroughs as this Assistants do carry all and
every Person or Persons So offending before one or more of his
Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Said County to the end they
may be punished according to Law, and to prevent and Suppress
as much as in them lies all tipling and Selling of Liquors in any

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