Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

28th February 1734 - 14th April 1743

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Image 122 of 56315th January 1736

But by above fourscore other Inferior Trades as appear by the
Constables Returns; particularly by all Chandlers many Weaver
Severall Tobacconists, Shoemakers , Carpenters , Barbers Taylors
Dyers Labourers and others, there being in the hamlet of
Bethnal Green upwards of Ninety Weavers who sell this
Liquor; by which Means, this Temptation great as it
is nor become, is allways near at Hand, And it is searce
possible for persons in Low Life to go any where, or to
be any where without being drawn in to taste, and by
degrees to like and approve of this pernicious Liquor

Your Commee after having us'd the most proper Method
which Occurr'd to them, in Order to know the Number of,
those Houses, proceeded to Enquire according to your Directions
into the Mischiefs arising from thence, and from the
Immoderate use of these Liquors & more Especially of
Geneva: And these to their great Concern appear to be
of the highest Nature, and most lasting Consequences
affecting not only particular persons and Families, But
also the Trade of the Nation & the publick Welfare,
With Respect to particular persons it deprives them
of their Money Time Health and Understanding,
Weakens and destroys their naturall strength and Consti-
-tutions and thereby kenders them useless to themselves as well
as to the Community: And when their Spirits are raised by
drinking to Excess, they are often carried to a Degree of
extrageous passion, And become bold & daring in Committing
Robberies and other offences for an Immediate Livelyhood.

Further They who Indulge themselves in this
foernicious Custom are thereby rendred incapable of hard
Labour as well as indisposed to it; their health is ruin'd
And their Lives by degrees Destroyed; Besides the Fatall
Effects it has on their Morals & Religion, being generally
so Stupifyed, that it is difficult to find time to give any
advice to Such persons, or if a proper time is ever found
the good Effects or Impressions of what may have been said
is presently Effac'd & washed away by a Dram or two of
this pernicious Liquor.

With Regard to the Female Sex we find the Contagion has
Spread even among them, And that to a Degree hardly possible
to be Conceived. Unhappy Mothers habituate themselves to
these distill'd Liquors, whose Children are born weakly & Sickly
and often look Shrived & old, as the they had Numbered many
Years; Others again daily give it to their Children whilst young
and learn them even before they can go to taste & approve
of this Certain great Destroyer; And with Respect to the
Women themselves, it has this further ill Effect, that by
Inflaming their flood and stupifying their Senses they
Expose themselves an Easy prey to the attacks of vicious men.

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