Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

22nd February 1725 - 19th January 1734

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Image 402 of 69618th April 1729

received unless such Petition be Signed by
the Petitioner therein Named or some Person
duely authorized to Sollicite for such
Petitioner and that the Chairman doe
take care accordingly.

P adjorn Veneris 18o. die Aprilis 1729

Order for Thomas
Wilkinson to pay 2.
to Mrs. Frances Seymour< no role >
for Coales for the
Grant Dineing Room
at Hicks Hall

Upon Application made unto this Court by Mrs.
Frances Seymour< no role > Wife of Christopher
Seymour Gentleman
< no role > Housekeeper of
Hicks Hall and Cryer of this Court
Informing this Court that there is due to
the said Mr. Seymour for Coales by him
found and provided for the Great Dineing
Room of Hicks hall for the Use of the
Justices of the Peace of this County between
Lady Day One thousand Seven hundred
and twenty Nine the Sume of Two Pounds
And praying that this Court will be
pleased to Order the Payment of the
same, This Court being Satisfyed of the
truth of the Premisses Doth Order that
Thomas Wilkinson< no role > Gentleman doe out
of the Rent by him received or to be
received for the Use of this County pay
unto the said Frances Seymour< no role > for the
Use of her said Husband the said Sume
of Two Pounds in full of his said demand
And that her Receipt shall be a
Sufficient Discharge to the said
Thomas Wilkinson< no role > for such

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