Middlesex Sessions:
General Orders of the Court

22nd February 1725 - 19th January 1734

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Image 381 of 69627th February 1729

Examination ought to be taken in Order
thereunto, And that the Proceedings of the said
Clerk of the Market under Colour of the said
Patent since the makeing of the said recited
Order as well as the said Matters thereby
referred to the said Committee ought to be
taken into due Consideration to prevent the
Oppression of his Majesty's Subjects, And doth
therefore Order that it be And it is hereby
recommended and referred unto the Justices of
the Peace above named and alsoe Thomas
Abney John Byde< no role > William Wickham< no role > Edward
< no role > Nathaniel Blackerby< no role > and Thomas
< no role > Esquires others of his Majestys Justices
of the Peace for the said County or any three or
more of them as a Committee to Assemble and
meet together at such times and places as they
shall in that behalfe appoint, And to inquire
into and consider of the Matters comprised in
the said recited Order, and alsoe into the
Proceedings of the said Clerk of the Markett
under Colour of the said Patent Since the makeing
of the said Order, and in particular of the said
Misdemeanour charged to have been committed
by the said John Matthews< no role > in menaceing the said
Grand Jury as aforesaid And to take such
Examination as they shall think proper in
Order to obtaine an Information to be
Granted by the Court of Kings Bench to Prosecute
the said John Matthews< no role > for the said
Misdemeanour , And to Summon before them
such Persons as they Shall think proper to

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